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SAE Study Reveals Startling Impact Of Neglectful Turn Signal Use


A study conducted by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) has brought to light some of the startling effects of neglectful turn signal usage by U.S. motorists.

During the study, the usage of 12,000 vehicles’ turn signals was recorded as motorists were conducting lane changes or rounding corners. According to the data, the rate-of-neglect for vehicle lane changes was a whopping 48%. In addition, motorists executing turns improperly used their signals 25% of the time.

An extrapolation of those statistics reflects 2 billion occurrences of neglectful turn signal use each day in the United States – that’s 750 billion times each year!

The study results also indicate that ‘turn signal neglect’ causes up to 2 million accidents each year – double the number of collisions caused by distracted drivers.

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