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Snowplow Driver Says A Truck Driver Saved His Life


A snowplow driver from Champaign, Illinois has credited a truck driver with saving his life.

In an interview with the Post-Gazette snowplow driver William Argus said he was driving on U.S.  I-74, on his way to work for the Illinois Department of Transportation, when traffic was suddenly diverted onto U.S. 150 due to an accident.

Unbeknownst to Argus or the other diverted motorists, U.S. 150 was snow packed and nearly impassable,  and traffic soon slowed to a crawl and then a stop.

Snow began drifting around cars, the Post-Gazette reported.  Argus tried to turn around and head back, but his pickup became stuck in the snow.

With a quarter of a tank of gas left and bitter cold and wind outside, the reality of running out of gas and freezing was present.

Fortunately for Argus, he was driving behind a truck driven by Mike “C.J.” Janke.

Argus explained that he used to be a truck driver and recalled the camaraderie between the drivers. 

Janke invited Argus into the cab of his truck and offered him some food and the two waited for plows to clear the road and for traffic to begin moving again.

At approximately 10:00 that night, a truck pulled Argus’ pickup out of the snow and he was able to get back on the road. 

“It was Alaskan-type of weather. The man saved my life. There are good people out there,” Argus said of Janke.

Good job, driver!



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