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Staying in Touch


By: C.L. Miller


I have two granddaughters with whom I try to share our life on the road. I’ve come up with a few methods over the years, adjusting as their ages and interests changed. For those of us trying to stay in contact with younger members of our extended family, it is a constantly evolving challenge.

For a while I sent zipper pullers that could be attached to jackets and backpacks. I collected them from each State as we traveled.  After my girls had forty eight of the little doo-dads it seemed time to move on.

My next project was a regular letter — via email — describing our travels, and occasionally posing a question in Geography or Math that we Drivers answer every day. That was directed at the older girl to give her some fun and practical lessons. I gave her a duplicate of the paper map book we use so she can follow our routes.

I then started collecting post cards. Many truck stops have an assortment, so that was an easy task. I could usually find an informative card for the eight-year-old and a fun photo for the four-year-old. I would hold them til I had enough for a small packet and mail them all off at once. It gave our grandkids a chance to track our movements with illustrations and our comments.

I do all this as much for myself as for them. Every zipper puller, email, post card, or whatever I come up with next, is a way to stay connected.

“I’m out on the road, my sweet little girls, but I’m thinking of you every day.”


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