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Steel Beam Smashes Through Truck Cab, Narrowly Misses Driver


A Canadian truck driver is lucky to be alive after he narrowly avoided being hit with a steel beam.

According to The Columbian, truck driver Jack Phillips, 58, was driving down the center lane of Southwest Nyberg Street in Tualiatin, Oregon on Wednesday afternoon, when a truck suddenly cut him off and hit the front of Phillips’ truck.

Phillips slammed on his brakes.  The sudden stop caused a large piece of metal to shift forward and into the cab.

“The only thing that was left was my little cubicle. Everything else had steel coming through this way took out the dash,” Phillips told KATU.

Phillips told The Columbian that he heard the sound of “screeching” metal and he ducked down.  The large pice of metal came within inches of his head.

The crash shut down the road for several hours.  A crane truck had to be brought in to remove the beams.

The driver of the other truck was cited for unsafe passing on the left.

The Columbian


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