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Stolen Truck Found in Homestead, Florida


A stolen blue Volvo truck has been returned to its rightful owner.

The truck was stolen while it was parked behind a 7-Eleven in Fort Meyers, Florida. The attached refrigerated trailer carrying 180,000 eggs was stolen as well.

The truck was found by Alfredo Rivas. He works for a plant company in Homestead, Florida. Sunday he was driving down a dirt road to pick up some plants from a nursery when he spotted the truck sitting under some trees. A worker at the nursery said the truck has been parked there since Monday, so Rivas decided to stop by and investigate.

Rivas snapped a photograph and the truck and searched Google for the name on the side of the truck, R.J. Shoff. His search brought him to newspaper article about the truck being stolen and the picture in the story matched the same blue Volvo he had found.

He then contacted Miami-Dade police who contacted R.J. Shoff owner Jeff Shoff.

Whoever stole the truck did some damage to it by apparently driving it through the woods. They also put Florida plates on it and got rid of the Pennsylvania plates the truck had when it was stolen.

Shoff is making arrangements to have the truck towed back to where his business is located in Pennsylvania.

Shoff is happy to have his truck back that he drove for 10 years and put in about $65,000 in restoration costs before selling it. Three years later he bought the truck back for $20,000.

“Now I’ve got to start all over again,” he told WTSP. “I will restore it.”

There was a $500 reward posted for whoever found the missing truck, but Rivas refused to take the money .

While Shoff was thankful to have his truck back, he is really hoping they are still able to track down the missing refrigerated trailer.

Source: WTSP.com


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