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Survey Reveals Rudest Drivers By State


Drivers, which state would you say has the rudest or most aggressive drivers.  Does a particular state stand out in your mind, or does everyone seem to be in a hurry?

The folks over at Insure.com surveyed 2,000 drivers nationwide to find out which states have the rudest drivers.

The survey respondents are 50% men and 50% women. The respondents are from “all areas of the country.”

Here’s Insure.com’s top-ten list of states with the rudest drivers (from least to worst):

10. Utah-

Survey respondents complained about excessive speeders, aggressive drivers who don’t allow people to merge, and parking-lot race drivers.

9. Nevada-

Respondents called Nevada drivers “rude” and “dangerous.” They complained about drivers who run red lights and jutted in and out of lanes on the highways.

8. New Jersey-

Survey respondents complained New Jersey drivers cut one another off, forget to signal and often drive while distracted.

“New Jersey drivers also suffer through high insurance premiums,” Insure.com reports.

6.- Tie- Vermont-

Respondents complained about “inconsiderate drivers rocketing toward Brighton State Park.” In 2010, DriverSide.com ranked Vermont as number 3 in the nation for speeding tickets per capita.

“That tendency toward excessive speed likely contributed to two other statistics.  The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute reported that according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Vermont was one of only two states (the other North Dakota, where the population soared during the same period) to register an increase in the number of traffic fatalities between 2005 and 2012. The same study found Vermont ranked No. 1 in the greatest increase in fatalities per distance driven of any state over the same period,” Insure.com reported.

6.- Tie-  Delaware-

Respondents complained about tailgaters, speeding, distracted and aggressive drivers.

5. Massachusetts-

“Massachusetts has the rudest drivers I have ever encountered,” Insure.com survey respondent Judy Crockett said. “I rode in the car with one of my clients, and she never stopped shaking her fist at other drivers, spewing insults and profanities, tailgating and rushing lights. It was as if she owned the road, and other drivers were trespassing and in her way.”

Some Massachusetts drivers even proudly display “Masshole” bumper stickers.

Respondents complained that Massachusetts drivers tailgate and drive while distracted.

4. Wyoming-

Wyoming ranks number 2 in the nation for roadway fatalities involving pickup trucks and SUVs, Insure.com reports.

Men’s Health Magazine gave Cheyenne drivers an “F” for driving, starting that Wyoming drivers often run red lights, ignore stop signs and merge without signaling.

3. New York-

Survey respondents complained about drivers who forget they’re driving with their high-beams on, blasting music, and rude and distracted drivers.

2. District of Columbia-

Survey respondents compared DC drivers to DC politics– “reckless.”

They complained about slow drives in the left lane, drivers who drive with high beams on, and drivers who fail to signal before changing lanes.

1. Idaho- 

This may come as a surprise to some, but respondents complained about slow drivers–  those who are “just fine taking their time, driving 5 to 10 miles an hour under the limit.”

The other half of Idaho drivers, the respondents said, are aggressive speeders.

The clash of slow verses aggressive drivers creates the perfect combination for a horrible driving situation.

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Source: Insure.com


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