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Ten Reasons to Be Thankful for a Truck Driver


This Thanksgiving, there’s so much to be thankful for, but what we’re most thankful for are the men and women truck drivers who keep this country rolling.

Here are 10 reasons why everyone should be thankful for and appreciative of truck drivers.

1. Without truck drivers, you wouldn’t have your Thanksgiving Feast.

Most food travels 1,500 miles before it lands on your table.

As you’re sitting down to enjoy your Thanksgiving feast, many hard-working men and women are sacrificing their time with their loved ones to deliver the things you need each day.

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2. Without truck drivers, you wouldn’t have your car, or fuel for your car.

Each day, truck drivers deliver fuel to gas stations across the country.


3. Without truck drivers, you wouldn’t have the clothes on your back.

More than 70% of all goods come by truck.  Black Friday would not be possible without trucks and truck drivers.

Credit:  chinaballs

4. Without truck drivers, you wouldn’t have groceries in your cabinets and you wouldn’t have food to feed your pets.

According to the ATA, supplies of essentials, such as bottled water, powdered milk, and canned meat at major retailers would disappear within two to three days.

Empty Grocery Store
Image Credit: 1000 Words / Shutterstock.com

5. Two Words: Toilet Paper.  Without truck drivers, you wouldn’t have it.

Enough said.

Without Truck Drivers

6. Truck drivers are the true angels of the highway.

Truck drivers often go above and beyond to help others and sometimes even risk their own lives to save others.  Truck drivers are the true angels of the road.

7. Without truck drivers, hospitals wouldn’t have the necessary tools to take care of patients.

The ATA reports that without truck drivers, within 2 to 3 days, hospitals would  run out of basic supplies such as syringes and catheters within hours. Radio pharmaceuticals will deteriorate and become unusable.

Trucks Deliver Medical Supplies

8. Truck drivers help raise money for charities.

Truck drivers are a giving group of people.  Each year, truck drivers across the country join the Special Olympic’s Convoy.  The convoy helps raise money for Special Olympics. Truck drivers donate their time and money to this great cause and many others.

9.  Without truck drivers, you wouldn’t have a roof over your head.

Trucks deliver everything you need to build your home: from lumber to insulation, it came by truck.

Trucks Deliver Lumber

10. Without truck drivers, your world would cease to exist as you know it.

Thank a truck driver!

Credit: BillyIn4C

Thank you, drivers. We appreciate you and all that you do!


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