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Ten Ways To Keep Cool In Scorching Weather


We recently wrote about signs of heat exhaustion. When the summer temperatures have you feeling sluggish, your cab’s air conditioner is broken/non-existent, or you find yourself under the scorching sun for long periods of time: try these ten tips to cool your body down, no matter where you are.

Choose The Right Clothing: Avoid dark colored clothing which will absorb the sun’s heat. Instead, wear light colors that deflect the sun’s rays and keep you cool. Clothing made of cotton will keep you the most comfortable, because it has more air flow than many synthetics.

Get Your Head Wet: If you’re wearing a cap or hat, pour a bit of cold water into it, then quickly flip it over and place on your head. You could also use a wet towel or cloth soaked in cold water and just let it drip!

Get A Fan: A fan on its low setting can help circulate the air and keeps a light breeze blowing can work wonders, even in a cab. Try this 12-volt car fan from American Poweror this one from trucking accessory supplier Orr Orr.

Drink Water Frequently: Your body will feel cooler if you are hydrated. Drink eight ounces of water each hour, and add some frozen fruit such as watermelon, pineapple, or cucumber to keep your water cold. Then consume when finished! The frozen food in your belly will help you cool off from the inside.

Put water on the sleeves of a short-sleeved shirt. If there is a breeze or fan blowing on you, you may even get cold!

Soak your extremities in cold water: Our bodies radiate heat from the hands, feet, face, and ears. Cooling any of these will efficiently cool the body. Also try running cold water over your wrists for 10 seconds on each hand, this will reduce your temperature for about an hour.

Eat Spicy Food: It’s not a coincidence that many people in hotter regions eat spicy food. This increases perspiration and cools the body as it evaporates. Spicy food also gives you a hit of endorphins, which make you feel good!

Think Ice: Place or tie an icepack behind your head. Keep plastic bottles in the freezer if you have one; then grab a bottle when you’re ready to go outside. As the ice melts, you’ll have a supply of cold water with you.

Take Your Shoes & Socks Off : When you can, remove your shoes and socks to let heat escape and lower your overall body temperature.

Carry A Portable Misting Fan: If you haven’t caught on by now, getting your skin wet, whether with sweat or water, works magic for cooling down the body. Try some of these portable fan products:





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