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Texas To Discontinue Inspection Stickers On Windshields


Starting March 1, 2015, Texas drivers will no longer be required to have an inspection sticker on their windshield. Instead, they will only need to post a single sticker showing registration.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is switching over to electronic processing during time of inspection, which still includes vehicle safety and emission tests. Car shops will enter the inspection information on the state database and give drivers a paper receipt.

When drivers go to the DMV, their information will already be in the system, and they will be able to receive a new registration sticker at that time.

Drivers will have 90 days to get their vehicle inspected prior to the date of expiration found on their registration. The change is said to make the whole registration process easier for drivers and inspection sites.

The state says it will save about $2 million with the change, mostly in oversight and sticker costs, but the trucking industry has concerns of how it will be affected by the new law.

According to News Radio 1200 WOAI, trucks working the oil fields of both Texas and North Dakota may end up being registered only in North Dakota, rather than Texas, causing the state of Texas to be left with a huge sum in registration fees.


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