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Thoughts On Helpful/Unhelpful Traffic Direction


At one point or another, there’s probably been an instance where someone with no experience behind the wheel of a truck has tried to give you directions¬†(especially while backing). What do you wish those people knew (or what would you want from them)?

What are your concerns with receiving help from inexperienced individuals?
It can be risky to enlist the help of someone that doesn’t know what’s going on: It’s easy to lose sight of a pedestrian that doesn’t know to stay in direct sight or in the mirrors, and communicating without a radio can be difficult and dangerous in the event that there’s a misunderstanding.

Hand Signals: Useful, or too confusing if one party signals incorrectly?
Do you bother agreeing on hand signals before backing, or do you find that most people do it the right way? Are ‘distance to go’-type signals (where the individual directing brings their hands together as the driver backs) helpful, or is it best to stick with ‘right,’ ‘left,’ ‘back,’ and ‘slow’ commands?

Could you trust the distance information that another person is giving to you?
Not only could incorrect distance judgement by a secondary party be inconvenient, it could also cause a fairly serious damage/injury situation. Can you really trust the depth perception of someone you don’t know?

Applause after a successful backing: Encouraging or Embarrassing/Distracting?
What do you think? Does the extra attention feel like a pat on the back or unnecessary and slightly insulting?

Would you prefer that they stepped out of your way, or that they learn to give clear and purposeful signals?


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