Texas Places Over 2000 Truckers Out Of Service During Roadcheck

Loving County, Texas is the least populated county in the country. The county has only 70 residents and two sheriff’s deputies. Despite that, the two have managed to distribute more than 1,400 citations last year– that means that an average of 3 tickets per day, everyday, for an entire year.

There are two main routes through the county: Texas State Highway 302 and Farm to Market Road 652. Both routes are heavily traveled by trucks. According to CBS7 KOSA, nearly everywhere you look, you’ll see a truck.

Loving County Sheriff Billy Hopper told CBS7 that the trucks are what’s keeping the county so busy.

“Whatever they learned in school or when they learned to drive, they’ve forgotten,”Sheriff Hopper told CBS7. “Yellow lines mean nothing to them. They don’t stop even if there’s a stop sign.”

Sheriff said that with the help of electronic citation devices, they can issue one ticket every 6 minutes.


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