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Tow Truck Driver Compared To Superhero For Brave Actions


A tow truck driver is being compared to a superhero by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) after tactfully subduing a man trying to steal his vehicle.

Brody Leimer, 23, a tow truck operator with Big Hill Towing, was called to tow a broken-down vehicle on the Trans-Canada Highway last Monday morning near Morley Reserve.

After securing the car, Leimer got inside the vehicle to switch it into neutral for the operation. At that moment, someone jumped into the truck and began driving away with Leimer inside the disabled vehicle.

“Brody was left with few choices: jumping out of the moving car onto the highway, stay in the partially attached car and await his fate, or do what any superhero might do,” RCMP wrote in a press release.

“Tires popping from being dragged, sparks flying, Brody jumped from the vehicle onto his tow truck. He was able to climb to the passenger side of his truck and somehow managed to open the passenger door of the truck and swing inside.”

While in motion, Leimer managed to subdue the 20-year-old male, stop his tow truck and throw him from the cab.

Police soon arrived a short time after and arrested the suspect, Aaron Omeasoo-Stephens, and charged him with impaired driving, operating with a blood alcohol level exceeding .08, two counts of theft over $5,000 and driving without a license.

Omeasoo-Stephens is scheduled to appear in court on October 7.

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