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Truck Crashes Into Garage, Destroys Vintage Cars


On Tuesday morning, a truck crashed into a garage.  The garage caught on fire and destroyed four vintage cars and several other vehicles.

The incident occurred on Pebble Beach Drive in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

The garage’s owner was on the roof of the garage, trying to help guide the truck into the garage. As the garage owner was directing the truck driver, the truck driver bent down to retrieve something he had dropped. The driver accidentally hit the  accelerator and backed up too quickly and slammed into the garage.

“The impact of the crash caused the homeowner to fall from the roof, which knocked him unconscious. As the fire broke out, the truck driver dragged the man to safety, authorities said. He then backed the truck out of the garage and called 911,” WAPT reported.

Once the garage owner came to, he drove himself to the hospital.  He is expected to make a full recovery.

The fire destroyed two vintage Corvettes, a Triumph and a VW Bug, as well as two pickups and 2 ATVs.





Image Credit: Bocman1973 / Shutterstock.com



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