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Truck Driver App: RadarNow


It’s not uncommon for drivers to encounter many different types of weather in a single day, and it’s often hard to stay on top of adverse weather predictions throughout their planned route.

We recently asked drivers what their favorite weather app is, and many drivers said they use and like RadarNow.

RadarNow is a FREE app that is available to both Apple and Android users.  RadarNow allows drivers to view a live radar wherever they are– it’s like having a radar in your pocket.

RadarNow is an inactive weather radar.  The app allows you to zoom in on a specific area or zoom out for a better view of current and forecasted weather.

“RadarNow! provides National Weather Service (NWS) Enhanced Radar “Base” (N0R) images from the NOAA WSR-88D NEXRAD Radar sites located around the US. Radar images are downloaded directly from NWS servers so are always the most current available. When you start the app, the radar images are from the site closest to your location,” Radar Now says. 

RadarNow is a free download, however, a premium, ad-free version of the app is also available for $2.99 for one year or $4.99 for two years.

RadarNow works best if your location service is enabled.  One huge plus of RadarNow is that your phone’s battery is ONLY used when RadarNow is active! 

RadarNow uses US radars only, therefore is active for entire U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam and areas of Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean that border the U.S.

Download the free app now! 


iPhone, iPod and iPad 

This video is kind of old, but it’s still helpful.  NOTE: This app is now available for Apple devices.  


Matthew B. – Superb! This app really only does one thing. Displays the radar! And it does it very well. Just one touch opens the app and within seconds you have a live radar radar loop of your area. I use other apps for forcasting but use this for radar viewing. Nothing comes close! It has been a very valuable asset when out on the motorcycle.

Jay O.- Loads Slow Best radar app I have found. One recent issue, the app loads all the images within a full loop prior to displaying the most recent still image. This results in a long lag time before the image is displayed. Even on a high speed wifi, the current still image can take over 30 seconds to load.

J. Mo- Excellent app For all it offers, it’s accuracy, and it’s support, I can’t imagine using another app. You’ve cleaned it up, and I love the way it works on my Note II.


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