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Truck Driver App: Road Ninja


At CDLLIfe, we’re always on the lookout for ways to make a driver’s life easier, and we think this new, FREE app fits the bill.

Road Ninja virtually replaces the need to consult exit signs for upcoming restaurants, gas stations or other facilities.

Road Ninja bills itself the “ultimate road trip app.”  The app was voted Forbes magazine’s top 10 Best Apps for Traveling Like a Local.   

Download RoadNinja on iOS and Android.

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Named one of the “10 Best Apps for Traveling Like a Local” – Forbes.com

“Never travel the interstate alone again. RoadNinja has your back.” -CNN

Always on the interstate? Love road trips? This is the must-have app for you:

*Always know what’s coming up at the next exit
*Compare gas prices at upcoming exits
*Scroll through exits OR use search to find out what’s ahead
*Plan your road trip with a directory of every interstate and exit in the U.S.
*Search Promotions to check out deals and specials around you
*Not on the interstate? Turn on NEARBY mode and see what’s close by
*Get directions to all locations and view those locations in Google’s panoramic street view.
*Share promos/reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
*Tap any business logo to get contact info, read reviews, browse through their photos, and view their twitter feed
*See what fellow travelers have to say about venues and share your thoughts by easily posting photos and reviews
*Change default categories displayed at each exit. Choose from 30 options, including Apparel, Coffee Shops, Vegetarian, Parking, Seafood and more
*Designate your favorites by tapping the heart icon

Download RoadNinja on iOS and Android.

Customer Reviews:

Thank you for fixing it!!!

-We have been using this app for a number of years on our yearly trip on I-75 from FL to MI. In past years it was a lifesaver and worked very well. This year the refresh rate was very slow in late December. For our return trip it was working again. It is a great app and I am glad it is working again.

“I want to love it.. I want to love the RoadNinja app, I really do. It’s an incredibly good idea with easy-ish to use design, but every time I use it something goes wrong. The times it works, it’s awesome, but it seems glitchy. It tells me that I’m going the opposite direction. In the middle of Birmingham it told me that I was not within 5 miles of an exit. It shows things and then if I refresh, they’re suddenly not there. I think it works best if you’re not moving.”

Needs clearer options Now this is a useful app. I tried searching for an app like this 2 months ago and the only way I found it was on a billboard next to the interstate. I am now downgrading this app we are going south and it says we’re going north and I cannot figure out how to change.




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