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Truck Driver Convicted For Not Reporting Fatal Crash


A truck driver was convicted in a district court Wednesday for failing to report a fatal highway accident that happened last year in Montana where an 81-year-old man was killed.

David Welk, 45, was arrested last January after his co-driver reported that the truck hit something in south-central Montana.

That ‘something’ was the body of Elgie Bedford of Wasilla, Alaska. Investigators believe several other vehicles ran over the man’s body. 

The co-driver told investigators they went back to pick up a headlight that fell off the truck in the collision.

Prosecutors argued Welk should have reasonably known he hit a person, but defense attorneys pointed out that investigators couldn’t determine how many times Bedford was struck.

Police found two other people who allegedly rolled over Bedford’s body.

Wyran Young, 31, from Washington state, and her father, Westley Young, 50, allegedly struck Bedford on Interstate 90 and left behind some of his body parts at a car wash 40 miles away.

Both are charged with leaving the scene of the fatal crash, and Mr. Young is charged with evidence tampering. Ms. Young’s court date is set for November.


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