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Truck Driver Credited With Saving The Lives of 7 People and 5 Dogs


An alert truck driver is being credited with saving the lives of 7 people and 5 dogs in Louisiana.

According to WAFB, at approximately 2:30 a.m., a truck driver was crossing the Magnolia Bridge in Central, Louisiana when he noticed a house on fire.

The driver called 911 and gave them the address of the home.

When firefighters arrived, they discovered that the fire truck could not make it down the gavel driveway leading to the house.

A 4-wheel-drive water truck had to be called in to extinguish the flames.

When firefighters made it to the home, the porch was engulfed in flames, and smoke was filling the inside of the home.

The family of 7 was awoken by the sound of firefighters banging on the home’s windows and doors.

Firefighters were able to get all 7 people and five dogs out of the home safely.

“Firefighters are trying to identify the trucker, who they said prevented what could have been “a very tragic situation,'” WAFB reported.



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