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Truck Driver Gets Jail Sentence After Calling In Death Threats To U.S. Representative


A New York truck driver was sentenced to 10 days in jail yesterday for calling in death threats to Rep. Carolyn Maloney over her proposed legislation requiring liability insurance for gun owners.

Ronald Buchanan, 41, of Elmira, admitted to aggravated harassment for making five anonymous calls to the representative’s office in Queens on April 2nd of 2013.

The calls were answered by two young interns and an assistant. Buchanan yelled obscenities, warning Maloney to, “stay away from my Second Amendment rights,” and said he wants her dead.

The assistants warned his threats would be reported to the police, but that only enraged him further.

“I will f—ing kill that bitch if I see her,” Buchanan threatened. “I don’t care if I have to go to every single speech she makes and heckle her.”

Buchanan must serve one year probation and enroll in anger management courses as a part of his sentence.


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