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Truck Driver Hauls Rhinos Over 2,000 Miles


Last month, truck driver Chris Danhauer had the honor of moving four rhinos across the country to various zoos. – All while hoping that passersby would remain oblivious to their presence.

‘Invisibility’ is something that a typical exotic animal or wildlife mover would pride themselves on.

“I don’t go down the road with a big banner saying: ‘Guess what I have?’,” says Danhauer – former zookeeper, founder, and lone-employee of ‘Planned Migration.’ This Texas-based company moves over 200 animals each year during the spring and fall.

Though it is sometimes difficult to conceal his precious cargo through their curious antics and potentially loud demeanors, Danhauer does his best. He says that occasionally people will notice:

“All of a sudden you get a thumbs up like you’re doing something fantastic. – I’m just trying to stay in my lane.”

Danhauer has moved over 100 different animals ranging from birds and giraffes to reptiles, primates, elephants, rhinos, and big cats.

His trips typically take less than 24 hours. However, Danhauer admits that these trips typically take significantly longer to plan out, than they do to execute.

Costs vary depending upon distance and animal type. Antelope start at $500, whereas a cross-country elephant haul runs around $12,000.


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