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Truck Driver Helps Police Apprehend Would-Be Car Thief


Daily News truck driver, Charlene Munn delivered in more than one way yesterday morning on her newspaper delivery route!

Munn helped NYPD (New York Police Department) apprehend an alleged car thief by inviting the officers into her truck for the pursuit of the fleeing suspect.

Lieutenant, Richard Mack had been heading home at the end of his shift on September 24th around 4:30 a.m., when he spotted Oriol near the driver’s side door of his neighbor’s vehicle.

Mack, initially thinking Oriol was his neighbor, approached him in greeting – but soon realized that Oriol was attempting to steal the neighbor’s vehicle.

Mack demanded that Oriol stop, but the suspect had other plans. Mack pulled out his weapon, grabbing Oriol, when Oriol began to throw punches. – The fight proceeded to escalate as as Mack unsuccessfully tried to holster his weapon, which was launched away from the scuffle.

Oriol fled the scene as Mack scrambled for his gun.

Fortunately, Mack was able to flag down a passing patrol car as he sprinted through the neighborhood, and the two officers were able to follow Oriol from two blocks down.

Daily News driver, Munn pulled up at just the right time, inviting the officers into her truck to catch-up with the suspect.

According to Munn, she wasn’t nervous: “I just told them to hang on.”

“I feel pretty good about it, I had the officer thank me for it. The joke was they were going to make me a deputy. I told them thanks, but I’ll just be a deputy for the Daily News.”

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