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Truck Driver Holds Load of Chicken ‘For Ransom,’ Then Abandons Load


Imagine the smell of 35,000 pounds of rotting chicken on a truck.

That’s what visitors at the Town Pump’s Flying J truck stop in Missoula, Montana were subjected to this week, after a truck loaded with the raw chicken was abandoned by its driver.

The trailer is owned by Dixie River Freight,of Nampa, Idaho.

According to the Missoulian, on Wednesday, Dixie River Freight reported the truck and trailer as stolen after the truck driver, who was hauling the load, allegedly texted Dixie River Freight, demanding a “ransom” in exchange for the chicken.

Dixie River Freight declined the ransom, so the driver allegedly abandoned the trailer and fled.

Dripping chicken, a strong odor and congregating flies drew the attention of patrons and employees at the truck stop.

“The truck was abandoned on the asphalt pad north of Flying J. There, the chicken juice dripped from the container, staining the ground with a gooey red and translucent liquid,” the Missoulian reported.

County Health Officials were called to the truck stop to help dispose of the rotting chicken.

“We’re typically involved in truck wrecks, making sure compromised food is discarded and doesn’t enter the food chain,” Shannon Therriault, environmental health supervisor with the Missoula City-County Health Department told the Missoulian. “Obviously, this chicken isn’t going to get used at this point, but the question is, what needs to happen to dispose of it safely?”

At this time, it is unclear what will be done with the trailer.

There is no word on the location of the driver who allegedly abandoned the load.

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