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Truck Driver Receives Settlement For Acid Burns, ‘Disfigurement’


A Bulk Transportation driver has been awarded 12 months worth of benefits for burns he sustained while on the job.

According to Risk and Insurance, a truck driver was transporting sulfuric acid when he noticed a leaking hose on his truck.  When he went to replace the hose, it came loose and spewed acid on his face and neck.

The driver received severe chemical burns and had to undergo treatment for the burns.  He now has a “4 to 5-inch car on his neck that was visible at more than 20 feet  and discoloration on the right side of his face.”

The driver sought compensation, but the employer argued that because the scars were on the driver’s neck and not his face, he was not entitled to compensation, by law.

The Arizona court disagreed,  They determined, “after examining the phrase “about the head or face,” the court found that the driver’s neck disfigurement was compensable because the neck is “around,” “near,” and “in the vicinity” of a person’s head or face,” Risk and Insurance stated.

The court ruled that the driver was entitled to 12 months worth of benefits.

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