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Truck Driver Reports Freak Encounter With Giant Beetle


James Morris, a 45-year-old truck driver claims to have crossed paths with an unidentified insect of mythical proportions.

Morris was driving through Central California between Tracy and Patterson in Central Valley on Saturday when the large bug momentarily attached itself to the rig’s citizen’s band radio antenna. The creature left behind a stream of green ‘organic substance’ on the windshield, and left as quickly as it appeared.

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In an interview with Cryptozoology News, Morris said, “I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, never seen anything like it. You get to see weird stuff on the I-5, no doubt about it, but nothing like this.”

Morris mentioned that he had been well rested before the incident, and that he became alarmed when his radio began to hiss, “as I reach for the radio and I hear this thumping noise coming from the left side of the truck. I see this big bug, looked like a beetle the size of a wild cat, clamped to the antenna, bending it all over almost all the way down to the hood. Kinda panicked for a few seconds but I waved my hand at it, hitting the window hard with my hand, and it flew away.”

Morris mentioned that he was shocked and hesitant to report the incident, but was relieved that there was no damage to the truck. He mentioned that he’d warned a few drivers over the radio, but was met with (expected) laughter on the other end.

The insect has been described as shiny/metallic with a red and black shell, long ‘serrated’ antennas, with a 5 foot wingspan. The bug’s eyes were large, red, and mirror-like.

Morris hopes to see the insect again, and said that he wished his company had provided him with a dash cam.

Scientists have documented the existence of giant insects during the Carboniferous period (300 million years ago). The size of the creatures is theorized to have been possible due to the high percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere. Low levels of oxygen in the air are keeping bugs today relatively small in size. However, occasional sightings of gigantic bugs do occur – leading scientists to believe that there is a slight possibility of a few prehistoric bugs adapting through evolution and surviving today.

According to researchers, some insects are known to be attracted to electrical fields and seek refuge inside of appliances and electronics. – Like the ‘crazy ant’ which has been brought to the U.S. from Brazil. This strain of ant infests electronics and transformers, and are drawn to electrical wiring components. According to researchers, ‘crazy ants’ have caused an estimated $146.5 million in damages per year in the state of Texas. These insects brush against hot wiring, are electrocuted, and release a scent – attracting other ants in droves. The ant body pile-up eventually clogs electrical switches, preventing circuits from closing, and causing a short.

Regardless of whether this sighting was a dream or reality, it sounds like a nightmarish experience.

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