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Truck Driver Reports Unsafe Equipment Prior To Casualty Accident


After a judicial inquiry, things still aren’t looking good for 32-year-old truck driver, Victorian Daniel Walsh (of Australia). It seems as though another driver warned authorities about a number of safety issues at Front Transport prior to the accident resulting in the death of John Posnakidis.

42-year-old Posnakidis was killed at a bus stop at the base of South Eastern Freeway of Adalade Hills in October of2010 by Walsh’s out-of-control Front Transport truck.

According to Anthony Marsden, a former employee of Front Transport, The brakes of the trailer that was involved in the accident were worn out when he drove it months before the accident

Marsden commented during his hearing, “I could have put my hand out the window and the truck would have slowed down better. That trailer had no brakes whatsoever.”

Marsden mentioned that the brakes on the prime mover involved in the evident were “very suspect” and that he doubted the mover was even registered. He also stated that he felt road authorities did nothing when he warned them of the issue.

The driver mentioned that he felt Walsh was in the wrong for not attempting to do anything about the issue, and that his main goal was to see justice for the victim’s family.

Walsh received a suspended jail sentence during his trial last year, was disqualified from driving for two years, and received a five-month suspended sentence after pleading guilty to two accounts of driving without due care.

According to authorities, Walsh was driving too fast, but was otherwise in control before losing control – hitting a vehicle and the bus stop before coming to a stop at an embankment. – Walsh failed to utilize the arrester beds on either side.



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