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Truck Driver Rescues Man Who Crashed into His Truck


A truck driver rescued a man who had just crashed into his truck. 

According to WLS, overnight, a 33-year-old male driver crossed the centerline and nearly hit a truck head-on.

The accident occurred in Blue Island, Illinois on Ashland Avenue.

The truck driver, Ralph Peterson, said he watched the SUV come over the bridge and then veer into his lane. Peterson said he tried to avoid colliding with the SUV, but the SUV slammed into the truck near the fuel tank.

“The vehicle came over the bridge. As he was crossing the bridge, he was coming at a high speed. I seen him cross over the lane. He hit me head on. He hit my fuel tanks. My whole vehicle front-end just collapsed to the ground,” Peterson told WLS. “I jumped out. There was diesel fuel everywhere. I ran out to see if he was OK, make sure he was OK.”

Diesel fuel was spilling out of the tank and covering the roadway. Fearing the fuel might burst into flames, Peterson ran to move the other driver to safety.

Peterson said the driver was stuck bend the steering wheel.  Peterson worked to free the driver and pulled him to safety.

The SVU’s driver was taken to a local hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery.


CBS Chicago

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