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Truck Driver Shoots at Fellow Driver in Road Rage Incident


A truck driver is in jail after allegedly firing a gun at a fellow truck driver in an apparent road rage incident.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, on Interstate 44 in Oklahoma City.

According to KOCO, truck driver Gene Paris was making his last run of the day when he noticed another truck allegedly driving dangerously.

Paris told KOCO that the other driver tried to prevent him from getting into his lane.

“There was plenty of room, but he floors it and got right on my bumper,” Paris told KOCO. “I mean, I’m going the speed limit, and he’s like 3 inches from my bumper.”

Paris then moved into another lane.  That’s when he says driver Benny Newcomb pulled alongside Paris’ truck.

“I look over, and the man is pointing a gun on my head, and he’s got this look of intense rage,” Paris recalled.

Police say that’s when Newcomb fired a shot into Paris’ window.

The bullet blasted a hole through and shattered the passenger-side window of Paris’ truck.

Fortunately, Paris was only shaken and not injured in the blast.

Paris notified the police of the incident and was able to give them a description of the truck.

Police caught up with Newcomb a few miles from the incident. When they found him, he was sitting in his truck.  A loaded gun was also found inside of Newcomb’s truck.



News 9 – Oklahoma City

Read more: http://www.koco.com/news/police-semitruck-driver-opens-fire-in-road-rage-incident/27007944#ixzz37q3yrELa


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