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Truck Driver Tools: Preventing ‘Ice Missile’ Citations


Many states now have laws requiring truck drivers to completely clear their tractors and trailers of ice and snow.

Last year, Connecticut’s ‘ice missile’ law took effect. The law requires all motorists to completely rid their vehicles of ice and snow before entering the roadway.

Drivers caught not complying with the law can face a $120 citation: $75 for the fine and $45 in other surcharges.  In addition, the citation carries a motor vehicle infraction.

Other states have similar laws, as well. New Jersey fines drivers $25 to $75 for failing to remove ice and snow from their vehicles, however, if ice flies off of your vehicle and causes personal or property damage, the fine can reach $1,000.

Pennsylvania fines drivers $200 to $1,000 if ice flies off of your vehicle and causes personal or property damage.

Washington does not fine drivers for failing to clear ice or snow, however, authorities may pull over a vehicle that has accumulated ice or snow.

Mike Riley, Motor Transport Association of Connecticut, advises drivers to invest in a Rowe Roof Rake.

The roof rake is a collapsable aluminum rake and was developed by a Michigan truck driver.  The rake sells for $144.

Follow this link to purchase a Rowe Roof Rake. 


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