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Truck Drivers Assist Deputy In Peril


The drivers of a semi and a tow truck were able to aid a law enforcement officer (Deputy Brian Thompson) yesterday when suspected criminal Scott Kopper (age 36) trapped the arm of the officer in his (rolled up) window. Kopper dragged the officer 100 feet and attempted to flee from the scene.

This incident took place at around 11:35 a.m. when officer Thompson dispatched to Route 33 near Corfu in search of a car that was reported to have been off the road. Thompson immediately recognized Kopper – having had previous contact with him, and knowledge that he was wanted by New York State parole. Kopper refused to exit the vehicle, and Thompson attempted to prevent him from leaving the scene – that’s when Kopper rolled up his window, trapping the officer.

The quick thinking drivers used their trucks to trap Kopper’s car against a snow bank, allowing the officer time enough to break the window. Once Kopper’s vehicle had stopped moving the two drivers assisted officer Thompson in apprehending the suspect.

Thompson suffered a few minor injuries, but fortunately was not seriously harmed.

Kopper has been charged with two counts of second degree assault, and is currently jailed on a $25,000 bail.

– Good work, drivers!


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