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A Truck Driver’s Christmas: Conclusion


By: Steve Irick

Since he was a child, Brian heard the saying that somebody always had it worse, but right now he was asking himself how that could be possible. With one computer message he went from being at home with his family to quite possibly missing Christmas entirely, all because of somebody’s need for a delivery.

He pulled out his atlas to compare with directions on the computer. It wouldn’t be easy; Brian would have to plan his trip well to get home in time for Christmas.

Brian was supposed to meet a driver with a broke down truck at a shop on the west side of town and swap trailers. When he got there, he was surprised to discover that it was an old friend he drove with years ago. It was great to see him again. Brian exchanged the trailers, grabbed the paperwork and hurried off; he would need to cover quite a few miles to make the delivery in time and get home.

He didn’t have enough hours to make Salt Lake, so Brian slept at a rest area outside of town. During his pre-trip the next morning he discovered that sometime after his arrival two puppies had been abandoned in a nearby trash container. Brian was heartbroken and immediately took them into his truck.

The delivery went off smoothly, and Brian directed his truck south. With only an hour to spare, he arrived in Flagstaff. Knowing that he couldn’t bring the rig home, he pulled into a nearby parking lot that was close to his house and across the street from the church he attended. Ironically, evening services had just concluded, and there was his family.

The children saw him and called out with delight, “Daddy!” Everyone embraced, and Brian stood back smiling, enjoying the moment.

His wife noticed the reins falling out of his jacket pocket. “What’s that?” she asked.

Brian pulled them out. “A gift for you,” he said.

“They’re beautiful,” she said, thanking him with kisses.

He walked over to the passenger door and pulled out the fishing rod the old couple had given him. “Here buddy, bet’cha haven’t seen one of these before.”

“Wow! That’s so cool,” exclaimed his son.

“What about my present daddy?” his daughter asked.

“You’ll have to go find it,” smiled Brian.

He lifted her into the truck, and she scampered into the back. A squeal came from behind the curtain. “You got two!” she exclaimed, emerging with both puppies in her arms.

Everyone smiled as the little girl proudly showed them off.

“Is one for me and the other to keep you company when you’re driving?” she asked.

“Kind of, sweet pea,” Brian replied. “The one that rides with me is going to be the friend that reminds me of how much I miss each one of you every day I’m away.”

May every driver and their family, both on the road and off, be blessed with love, peace and a joyful holiday!

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