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Truck Drivers Of Reddit Share Their Most Bizarre Experiences


Reddit user, blomhonung asked truck drivers to share some of the most bizarre experiences they’ve encountered on the road – and boy, did they deliver! Check out these surprising and outlandish truck driver tales:

Truck drivers of Reddit, what’s the strangest experience you have had on the road?

“Ran over a 5 ft saltwater crocodile, with a copper following closely behind the trailer l was towing.” – daz123

“A family member who no longer works in the business used to be a trucky and was offered $2 million to carry a tonne of meth across the country.” – nokattaem

“Dallas Texas, at some cantina i parked outside. 1 a.m. some 60 year old lady with 3 teeth in a wifebeater and no bra knocks on my door, I roll the window down. N with a super smoker deep raspy voice I hear… Wanna f****… Just calmly rolled window up.” – Clipse83

“My father was a driver for about 15 years. One of the stories he told me he was on a two lane road about 3:30 in the morning and came upon a car that had overturned and was in a ditch. The tires were still spinning so it had to have just happened. He stopped, radioed for help, and grabbed a flashlight so he could see what was going on. As he approached the vehicle he found a severed leg lying about 20 feet from the car. He took a few more steps and saw another large chunk of unidentifiable flesh. He just stopped there and blocked off the road with his truck and waited for the police which came very quickly. No one was alive in the car, and estimating from body parts there were 4-5 people in the car but everything was so torn up and in so many pieces they couldn’t tell for sure. That one rattled my dad pretty good.” – Jroxit

“The singing trailers scared the shit out of me. In Flagstaff, AZ, it gets a little windy. I had a load of dog food to pick up, and the rules are: open the doors, drop the trailer with the doors open in lot “a”, pick up loaded trailer in lot “b”. If you’ve ever blown over the top of a bottle, you know the noise I’m talking about. The open trailers make the same type of noise, but the walls and roof vibrate so it changes pitch. When you got a row of 20+ trailers doing the same thing, it’s a little on the creepy side. Add a cold night & poor lighting, and it definitely gave me the chills.” – Philip_De_Bowl

“Strangest was hitting and killing a bear. Doesn’t sound all that strange as people, truck drivers especially run into wildlife often, but I haven’t met anyone else that has done that including other drivers I asked who had been driving for 60 years. Side note to that one, I hit a deer ten minutes into my next shift.” – skilganon

“Once I was hauling logs down the freeway and a car with kids in the back is passing me and they all give me the honk sign with their hands. So I oblige and give them a big old toot on the air horn. The only problem is that poor mom up front driving the car was not prepared for it and just about ran off the freeway when she heard my horn blasting. I honestly had a moment where I thought she was going to crash as she made some pretty massive swerves before getting the car back under control. I was a bit more careful about using my air horn after that.” – Tofudabeast

“Thousands of tarantulas crossing the road in a bigass herd.” – IAMATruckerAMA

“Driving through Northern Idaho I saw a seven foot thing that had the head of a deer and body of a man. Scared the ever living shit out of me.” – DouglasFir0935

“Driving a dump truck while working on Sean Penn’s house and had to tell him to move his Porsche once. Parked it in right in the middle of the driveway.” – Tofudabeast

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