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Trucker Being Called A Hero For Crashing Rig To Save Bikers


According to KOMO News, a truck driver is being called a hero after crashing his truck into a  barrier to avoid hitting two motorcyclists.

The incident occurred on Monday morning on I-5 in Seattle.

Truck driver Ashton Hoopes was driving on I-5 when a Volvo cut him off, forcing him to hit the median.

Hoopes, an Army reservist, was hauling a load of dirt when the Volvo cut him off.  He said there was nowhere for him to go– his only option was to hit the barrier or hit a pair of motorcyclists.  With no regard for his own safety, he chose to hit the barrier.

“I was like, here is my only choice, to hit Jersey barricade so I don’t hit anybody,” Hoopes told KOMO.

His truck slammed into the concrete barrier, causing it to explode into flames.

Hoopes, still worried about the bikers, kicked open the door to his mangled cab and went to look for the bikers.

He found a man nearby.  “I was like, ‘Did you see a guy on a bike?’ He said, ‘It was me. Thank you. If you hadn’t hit the wall, I would be dead,'” Hoopes told KOMO.

Thanks to Hoopes selflessness and quick thinking, no serious injuries were reported.  Hoopes walked away from his mangled and blazing truck and only suffered a separated shoulder.

Troopers are looking for the silver Volvo involved in the incident.

Great job, driver!

Source: KOMO


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