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Trucker GPS Part 1: Rand McNally



This third generation Truck GPS from Rand McNally is designed based on driver-requested features. The 720 still allows you to input your truck specific information to help ease the driving. It comes with a few Wi-Fi connected services that come with no subscription cost such as weather, fuel prices, and local search. Additional premium features that come with a subscription include traffic everywhere and detailed traffic flow and incidents.

Truck-friendly features:

  • Route comparisons – there is almost always more than way to get to a destination and the route comparison allows you to weigh your options
  • Lifetime MapsRM.gps
  • Millions of Points of Interests
  • State Mileage and Fuel logs
  • Driving Timers

Amazon Customer Review:

Compared to my previous Garmin, here’s what I’ve found
I agree with another reviewer that the search functions are much better. You can find points of interest all kinds of ways, even Walmart’s and whether or not they allow truck parking. I also agree that the mapping for trucks is definitely better in my experience than my Garmin, and that is what I care about the most. The weather, construction along the route and the green dashboard I like lot. I leave it on the dashboard most of the time. Great screen, and find it pretty logical and easy to use. There is a big manual I could download, but I haven’t bothered.
Doesn’t include traffic, but I found I didn’t use the Garmin traffic much anyway, since it didn’t work except when I was close to cities. And once I was in the city, I wasn’t going to get off the Interstate and drive on local streets in a truck.

Customer review by: Rich H.


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