Truck Drivers Subdues Man Who Was in a 'Life and Death' Struggle with a State Trooper

According to ABC 7,  a truck driver risked his own life to avoid hitting a line of backed-up traffic

On Thursday evening, Knight Transport truck driver Kevin Beaulieu was hauling a load of paper on Interstate 70 in Golden, Colorado.  As he approached a line of traffic, he realized his brakes were not working.

Beaulieu used his CB to warn other drivers of the brake failure.

He then steered his truck into the median to avoid hitting the cars.  After hitting the median, Beaulieu’s truck went down a 40-foot embankment and came to rest in the southbound lanes of Golden Road.

Amazingly, the Beaulieu was not injured in the accident.

The accident is under investigation.

Source: ABC 7

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