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TV: Big Rig Bounty Hunters Season Two Premiers May 22


According to a History Channel press release, Big Rig Bounty Hunters will return for its  second season  on Thursday, May 22, at 10/9 central on the History Channel.

Big Rig Bounty Hunters follows six teams of truck recovery experts who spend their days tracking down stolen rigs and cargo.

According to the show’s description:

Every year, thousands of trucks carrying valuable cargo across America go missing.  These big rigs have to be hunted down and hauled in or the trucking companies pay the price. Vital to our nation’s economy, the United States depends on these trucks to deliver the goods. In Big Rig Bounty Hunters, HISTORY tracks five groups of colorful characters along a perilous competition to retrieve the missing loads while facing a ticking clock and life-threatening duty. A day in the life of a truck hunter is never easy, but the dollar signs keep these truckers hunting.

Watch as cameras follow six teams of Big Rig Bounty Hunters in Texas and Ohio.  The teams race agains one another to track and retrieve trucks and cargo.

Meet the truck hunters

Shawn & Vince (Ohio): Steve and Vince are back for the second season, and they’re being called the “team to beat.” Last season, the two recovered more loads than most of their competition combined.

Shawn spent 20 years in and out of jail. In 1998, he got his CDL and began working for his father.  The lure of excitement drew him into truck recovery.

Vince also spent some time behind bars.  Vince joined Shawn in truck bounty hunting when his job with the union ended.

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Big T & Beck (Ohio): Couple and veteran drivers from Ohio, Big T and Beck are the show’s only male and female team.  Beck commonly refers to herself as “the bait” because she says she can go and talk to truck drivers without seeming like a bounty hunter.  Big T is a big man with a second-degree black belt.

The Wolf Brothers (Ohio): New to the show, Dave and Don Wolf are identical twins who have been trucking together for more than 30-years.  The twins came off the road a few years ago to keep an eye on their aging mother.  These two are considered some of the nicest, yet trickiest bounty hunters you’ve ever met! 

Marshall & Korchenko (Texas): Marshall and Korchenko  are returning for the second season.  During the first season, they proved they can track rigs and recover cargo. 

Korchenko is a former professional wrestler.  When he was in between gigs, Korchenko spent his time driving trucks.

Marshall’s dad was a truck driver.  Marshall spent 13 years driving a truck and working as in instructor.  He has over a million miles under his belt.

Michael & Chad (Texas): Michael is a truck driver and biker.  He’s also a true and proud Texan who can either be your best friend or worst enemy.  Chad is Michael’s soon-to-be father-in-law.  Chad is also a Deputy Sheriff.  The duo are hoping Chad’s connections with law enforcement will help them beat the criminals.  Michael and Chad have been billed the classic odd couple.  

Danny & Willy (Texas): Danny and Willy are a father and son team and come from a long line of truckers.  These two do everything the “cowboy way.”


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