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TXDOT Announces 100 Most Congested Roadways Of 2014


On Friday, the Texas Department of Transportation released its annual list of the 100 most congested roadways in the state, is put together by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

According to the study, which uses TxDOT highway inventory information and speed data from a private-sector source, Interstate 35, between Highway 71 and U.S. 290, is the absolute worst for commercial traffic. In 2014, truck drivers had to endure more than 116,00 hours of delays coming through Central Austin.

I-35 also poses the highest congestion cost, which measures the economic impact of all those traffic jams, costing the trucking industry a whopping $72.1 million a year, TxDOT estimates.

Texas’ most congested highway, for the average motorist, is the Interstate 610 West Loop in Houston between I-10 and I-69, with an amazing 1,184,702 hours of delay per mile within the year.

Although I-10 / US 90 ranks 15 on the overall list, the stretch of road ranks number three when it comes to problems for trucks – for every mile it had 72,181 hours of truck delay and cost over $20 million in truck congestion costs. U.S 59, number two for truck delays, was only a little higher with 72,937 hours per mile and about $32.15 million in truck congestion costs.

The numbers come right before the state’s capital puts a $1 billion transportation bond in the Nov.4 ballot which includes $600 million toward constructing a 9.5-mile urban rail line, along with another $400 million for a package of local road project. State planners are also considering performing an overhaul on the stretch of I-35 running through Central Austin.

Below is a list of the 2014 top 10 most congested roadways in Texas. You can find the entire list of congested Texas roadways sortable by topic here.

RoadwayFromToCountyAnnual Hrs
of Delay
per Mile
Annual Hrs
of Truck
Delay per
TCI Explanation
CSI Explanation
CSI Explanation
14IH 610IH 10/ US 90IH 69/ US 59Harris1,184,70270,5792.438.703.20$81.35$17.12
21IH 35US 290 NSH 71Travis950,795116,2512.5410.003.33$196.14$72.12
32US 59IH 610SH 288Harris777,14672,9372.019.542.12$105.22$32.15
411US 75IH 635Woodall Rodgers FreewayDallas719,12847,2051.727.292.02$145.12$33.74
55IH 35E/ US 77SH 183IH 30Dallas708,36570,1871.967.632.46$79.65$25.25
68US 59IH 10/ US 90SH 288Harris666,49455,3252.3410.733.48$50.26$13.9
77IH 635IH 35E/ US 77US 75Dallas615,13261,0991.689.832.03$129.08$41.86
86IH 35W/ US 28728th St/ SH 183IH 30Tarrant606,75065,7822.1711.682.59$67.06$22.84
914IH 45IH 610IH 10/ US 90Harris535,22935,5701.637.501.95$47.04$11.08
1010IH 35E/ US 77IH 635SL 12 NDallas535,02548,8271.8910.162.18$37.33$11.33

Source: Texas Department of Transportation


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