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USPS Truck Driver Credited With Saving Ohio Man


A USPS truck driver is being credited with saving a man’s life after the man became pinned underneath a tire of a dump truck he was working on.

The incident occurred on Tuesday night in Enon, Ohio.

Brian Hacker, was working on the tire of a dump truck, when he became trapped under the tire.

USPS truck driver, Nathan Moats, was at the post office, when he heard Hacker calling for help.

Moats rushed over to help him. When he arrived, Moats saw that the dump truck had rolled on to Hacker.

Hacker instructed Moats to back up the truck.

“It was nerve-racking because he was laying by the tire with the tire on him,” Moats told the Springfield News-Sun. “He was between two axles and then there was another set of tires. So I didn’t want it to roll forward or back up too much and hit him with the next set of tires.”

Witnesses told Springfield News-Sun that there were little room for error, but Moats handled the situation amazingly. 

After Moats moved the truck off of Hacker, everything was freed from the dump truck, except for Hacker’s arm,  which had to be pulled from under the tire.

Enon Mad River Township Fire Chief Tracy Young said “The tire actually went up onto his naval. You could see the marks on the body.”

Hacker was flown to a hospital, where he is listed in serious condition.

Great job, driver!

Source: Springfield News-Sun


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