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VIDEO: Car-Truck Road Rage Incident Caught on Dash Camera


According to the video’s description, Adelaide, Australia police are investigating this incident of road rage.

The incident was captured on a car’s dash camera.

A car driver is trying to prevent a truck from passing.

“The man, driving a white sedan, followed the truck for at least 3km and then swerved in front of the truck and stopped in its path. He then got out of his car and verbally abused the truckie as well as striking the cabin’s door. The truck managed to squeeze past the car and drive off, but the man climbed back into his car and gave chase. He again managed to stop the truck by the roadside, and reversed his car onto a 90 degree angle block its path. The driver, wearing a bright-yellow shirt, again gets out of his car and continues to scream at the truckie before climbing up to the vehicle’s window and throwing punches,” the video description states.

The man yelled for the truck driver to get out of his truck.  When the truck driver refused, the man began kicking the truck.

The angry man then turns his attention on the man with the dash camera.

If you’re having trouble viewing this video, follow this link to the original. 

Video Credit: SomeStuff


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