Last summer, MoDOT unveiled its newest device to grab the attention of drivers.

The Long-Range Acoustic Device, LRAD, is a “high-intensity directional caustic hailer” this tool emits a loud siren, along with a verbal warning, to warn drivers about construction zones or slower-moving vehicles ahead.

The two LRAD devices the department bought are now being used in work zones to alert drivers to slow down.

How loud is the alert? L-RAD was designed to penetrate well-insulated vehicles, and even with the radio on, drivers should still be able to hear LRAD’s message.

According to LRAD’s site, “LRAD employs directed sound technology to move the security engagement envelope from 50 meters (without LRAD) to in excess of 3000 meters (with LRAD). This advance in early guaranteed communication is critical in defining next steps…”


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