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VIDEO: New 1985 IROC-Z28 Found In Abandoned Trailer


THE FULL STORY: According to ThirdGen forum posts that YouTube channel owner, qbansmokr directs viewers to:

The original owner of the 4.3 mile 1985 IROC-Z28, ordered the car new in 1985. The owner specified that the dealer notify him when the IROC arrived on the transporter.

The IROC was transferred directly from the transporter to a flatbed tow truck and brought to a storage yard. – The car is not believed to ever have been driven or started.

The owner’s original intention was to turn the car into a street rod by swapping the engine out for a big block, reworking the suspension, and customizing the tires and wheels.

For whatever reason, the project moved slowly and eventually stopped, and the car sat in the trailer until it was eventually purchased by another party who had heard about the car for 10-15 years, and was under the impression that it wouldn’t ever be sold.

However, he observed the trailer doors occasionally standing open for days at a time – and eventually inquired about purchasing the vehicle.

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