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Video: Ridiculous Display of Truck Driver Road Rage


According to the video’s description, this road rage incident occurred on westbound I-40, near Santa Rosa, New Mexico.

The truck driver with the dash camera moves into the left lane after he notices a disabled truck on the shoulder of the road.

The truck in the left lane, starts tailgating the truck driver with the dash camera, the video’s description states.  As soon as the dash camera truck driver gets back into the right lane, the truck in the left lane begins to pass him and gets into his lane too.

As soon as the truck passes the dash camera driver, he cuts him off. The dash camera truck driver doesn’t have time to hit the brakes and slams into the back of the other driver.

“When the driver backed down the road to where I was, he got out off his truck and proceeded to take pictures, he walked up to my door and asked me did I call the police and did they say when will they be here (absolutely no sympathy for what he had just did). When the police got there and it was time for us to tell our story, as he began to speak, I warned him to tell the truth because my truck was equipt with a dash cam and he looked up at my windshield and seen there was no camera and proceed to lie to the officer but what he didn’t know was I had taken the camera out the window so I could prepare the video for law enforcement to review (so he thought I was bluffing),” the video’s description states.

The video was turned over to authorities.

At this time, it is unclear whether or not the driver faced any citations or charges.

If you’re having trouble viewing this video, follow this link to the original. 

Video Credit: Carlos Smith


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