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Video: Tow Truck Driver Wrangles 8Ft Alligator That Was Holding Up Traffic


“Heads up, driver.  There’s an gator on the zipper.” An 8-foot alligator brought traffic on Highway 242 in Montgomery County, Texas to a stand still on Sunday night. The incident occurred at approximately 1:30 a.m. when the 8-foot alligator decided to take rest in the middle of the San Jacinto River Bridge. Montgomery County Precinct 5 officers called two truck driver and alligator wrangler Slinky Knox for help removing the 8-foot road block. “The cops called me,” Knox told KHOU. “They know who I am. They know that I can handle stuff like that.” Knox and the on-duty deputies tied up the alligator and then relocated it  to the river’s edge.  Once there, the alligator was checked for injuries.  Knox said it appeared that the alligator had been injured– possibly by a passing car– but that the alligator was okay to set free.  Knox released the gator and it quickly swam away. “We managed to get it off and get it out. We don’t want nobody getting hurt, or the alligator getting hurt or nothing,” Knox told KHOU. “I didn’t want nobody getting hurt, or it getting back on the road and a motorcycle hitting it or a car full of kids, it’s Memorial Day weekend.”   Video Credit: SCOTT ENGLE Sources: Montgomery County Police Reporter


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