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VIDEO: Truck Driver Delivers Kindness To Homeless Woman


According to the video’s description, “I’m parked in Jacksonville, NC tonight it is 32 degrees outside. I’m sitting in my truck and I see a homeless person underneath these rafters. Trying to stay dry from the rain. I then noticed the homeless person trying to light a fire. I could only imagine to stay warm. It broke my heart sitting in my truck all nice and warm to see this. I walked up to say hi, when I did it scared the shit out of her, I noticed she had only a hooded sweatshirt and pants. But I noticed she had no blankets. I’m an auto hauler, I grabbed one of my customer’s car. Drove across the street to a Walmart. I got her a 0 to 20 degree Eskimo sleeping bag. A six pack of waters, two orange juices, a pack of lighters, and dinner from Arby’s. I was very nervous and have never done something like this. Only spent 50 dollars, and I was glad I did knowing she won’t freeze or go hungry tonight.”

kmsoldier, you make us proud! God bless you!




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