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Washington City Considers Truck Parking Ban in Residential Areas


Another Washington community is considering placing a ban on truck parking in residential areas.

The Spokane Valley City Council last week heard from residents who said they were fed up with truck parking on their streets.

One local resident complained, not about the trucks themselves, but about the noise the trucks bring.

“’It’s not the view of a Peterbilt, it’s being woke up six days a week that bothers me,'” Spokane Valley resident Marilyn Cline said.

In August, the city council first addressed the issue of trucks and RVs parking on residential streets, however residents urged the council to focus their efforts on banning trucks, while some council members wanted the ban to focus on any vehicle over 22-feet long.

The Valley City Council is eyeing a law that would prohibit trucks and “other commercial vehicles” from parking on residential streets.

Not all on the Valley City Council were in favor of the ban, some said they feared that banning truck parking would “create a financial hardship for smaller, local business that would have to pay to park the big rigs somewhere else.” the Spokesman-Review reported.

Valley resident and truck driver Rick Squibb told the Spokesman-Review that the parking ban would create a financial hardship for his family.

Parking at the truck stop overnight is $20 – I can’t afford to do that,” he said.

The Valley City Council will meet to discuss the potential ban on October 7, 2014, at 6:00 p.m.

Public comment is invited but you must submit your comments before the October 7 meeting.




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