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Website Review: Hotels4Truckers


After a long, exhausting day on the road, nothing can be more frustrating than pulling into a hotel that’s advertised “Truck Parking” only to find out there’s not enough space for your truck.

Founded by a trucking veteran who got tired of trying to find hotels with semi-truck parking capacity, Hotels4Truckers.com aims to help truck drivers find parking-reliable accommodations that fit with their schedule and route.

On the free website, you can search for hotels that promise plenty of truck parking space based on their location, including city and state or by zip code, to find a comfortable nights sleep with partners such as Motel 6, Red Roof Inn, Comfort Inn, Super 8 and many others.

Aside from helping drivers to decrease idle time and avoid spending the night in their cabs, Hotels4Truckers has a higher mission as well: to help improve the image of truckers to industry professionals who enjoy comfort and cleanliness, and who take their careers very seriously.

“We feel that the image of truck drivers has mostly been a negative one over the past several decades, and we want to show people that these perceptions are not reality,” said Dan Fuller, the company’s president and founder in a press release. “Just like any other professional, semi-truck drivers would much prefer to sleep in a comfortable, clean hotel room than in their sleeper.”

Hotels4Truckers used to charge a nominal membership fee, however, they’ve recently announced their service will soon be free!


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