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Website Review: Local Harvest.org Allows Truckers To Find Fresh, Healthy Food


What might have been an impossible task – to find fresh, local produce on the road – is now something made easy, thanks to a website that “make(s) it easy to find good food.”

With a listing of over 30,000 local-food venues such as family farms, farmers markets, restaurants and grocery stores, Localharvest.org supports not only those seeking a healthy diet, but also small farmers competing with large grocery stores.

For the average trucker, seeking out these venues may mean a slight detour, but with so many listings, you may be surprised that healthy, fresh food is really just around the corner. And if getting healthy is your focus, why not try something new that’s good for you, the environment and local farmers?

The way it works: At their site, enter your current zip code, then it will pull up all the nearby venues selling locally produced food like fresh produce, dairy, eggs and grass-fed beef and pork.

Click on the search results for more details about the venue – what food they sell, where they are located and if they use pesticides and/or sustainable farming practices. Decide which venue works best with your route and schedule, then visit the venue to stock up for the days ahead.

Each year, over 7 million people search the directory to find local food, farm events, and family farmer-grown events.

Online reviews of the website are mixed, with some saying the site is a bit hard to navigate, while others say its their online go-to for local, fresh food.

Local Harvest also has their own online store that delivers all kinds of fresh goods and produce. By ordering online, you can have fresh, local produce waiting for you when you get home from a long trip on the road.

From a quick visit to the website, you can see it’s not only about a health movement to eat better food, but also of supporting the local economy and local farmers. It says:

Why Locally Grown?
People worldwide are rediscovering the benefits of buying local food. It is fresher than anything in the supermarket and that means it is tastier and more nutritious. It is also good for your local economy–buying directly from family farmers helps them stay in business.

When you buy local, farmers can bypass paying for the shipment to the stores and other fees. This also allows you to get premium products at a much lower price.

So whether you’re on the road or at home, try punching in your current zip code, and you may be surprised by the community of farmers and healthy food you’ve got just down the road!

Source: www.localharvest.org




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