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Wife Of Third Generation Truck Driver Accused Of Murder, Collects Life Insurance Payout


OCTOBER 2013: “Bill Hall, third generation truck driver and part owner of San Antonio trucking company – Bill Hall Jr. Trucking Ltd. (a 130 truck fleet) was forced off of the roadway and killed last Thursday evening (October 2013). The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that the suspect responsible for running him off the road was co-owner (since 1989) and wife (of nearly 32 years), Frances Hall.

Investigators have confirmed that Frances was behind the wheel of a Cadillac Escalade when she intentionally rammed Bill’s girlfriend’s Range Rover twice, and then turned on her husband – forcing his Harley off of the road. He was airlifted to a nearby hospital and died 50 hours later.”


Frances Hall, widow of trucking tycoon, Bill Hall Jr. is facing murder charges, however due to the probate judge’s ruling: she will still be entitled to the proceeds from Bill’s life insurance policy.

Approximately $310,000 of Bill’s policy was collected by Frances after their children decided that the money should go to their mother.

Hall’s children believe that the incident was a tragic accident, and do no place the blame for their father’s death on Frances.

Bill Hall’s death was ruled a homicide, and the result of a love triangle between Bill, Frances, and girlfriend Bonnie Contreras.

Frances faces 99 years to life in prison if convicted of either of the charges she’s facing: Using a deadly weapon to threaten Contreras with bodily injury and murder.

Though the situation has been deemed, ‘odd’ by Chris Pettit, a San Antonio Probate Lawyer, the court is unlikely to intervene when all involved parties are in agreement.

Hall’s estate has since sued Contreras for belongings which could be contained in a storage unit. Contreras also possesses Hall’s cell phone, wallet, and estate claims.

Contreras has countersued Frances Hall for for financial and punitive damages which have not been specified.

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