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Wisconsin Trucking Company Employees Lose A Ton Of Weight


A trucking company in Superior, Wisconsin hosted a 5K walk on Thursday in celebration of getting healthy and losing over a ton of weight.

The employees at Halvor Lines lost an astounding combined total of 2,100 pounds in the last year and a half, the company said.

Becca Mathews, the company’s health and wellness coordinator, started leading the weight-loss initiative in 2013 to improve driver health. She said the results speak¬†to the power of what can be achieved when people support each other in their fitness goals.

“Several of our drivers have lost 100 pounds, 50 pounds, 60 pounds,” Mathews said. “A year ago today there’s no way they could take this five laps around our campus without having difficulty breathing. So today they’re going to be joining us walking, showing that they can achieve this.”

Bob Perry, a truck driver nationally known for his fitness website geared towards truckers, rollingstrong.com, attended the event and said healthy living is especially important in the trucking industry.

“Being a professional truck driver comes with a lot of ‘withouts,'” he said. “Not a lot of family time at home, you miss a lot of special events, not a lot of proper rest, nutrition, exercise, all those things, they go without. Because once that traffic starts moving, they’ve got to go, because they’ve got time to make up.”

Thursday’s 5K event marked the introduction of the newly installed walking path at Halvor Lines. Perry dedicated it with his well-known¬†cutting of the belt.



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