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A Worthy Cause: Truckers Final Mile


Sadly, more than 800 commercial drivers lose their lives every year on North American roads due to accidents alone. What would your family do if you were one of them? What would you do if something happened to your family while you were gone?

Truckers Final Mile, a brand new 501(c)(3) charitable organization, wants to help simplify those tough questions by providing the financial means for ANY North American commercial truck driver to reunite with their family in a time of crisis – whether it’s a debilitating injury, serious illness or worst case scenario, death.

The mission of the new organization is to “assist in the immediate travel, lodging and ground transportation needs of truck drivers and their immediate families. Whether to the truck drivers location or for the driver to travel home in such a case.”

Additionally, in case of a loss of life, they will pay for the transportation of the driver’s remains.

Upon receiving a call for help, the 24/7 staff responds immediately to verify the circumstances, usually within 4 hours, and soon thereafter, the organization will pay for the travel and lodging expenses of the affected party.

Nearly any driver can qualify for the program as long as he or she is a CDL holder in the course of their employment or self employment during the time of the incident, or an immediate family member of the driver.

You can read a full explanation of the program on their website here.

The founder Robert Palm, an over-the-road veteran of 30 years, started the organization with a driving desire to give back to the industry that provided for him and his family for so long.

Like most truck drivers, he has experienced the stress of thinking about what would occur if something serious were to happen to himself or a family member while on the road.

“I’m out 6 weeks at a time, traveling within 48 states, so I know what its like to have that worry,” Palm said.

As a lease operator, Palm started the organization from his 2012 Freightliner and has since grown his team of board of directors, secured a 501(c)(3) and put together a comprehensive website.

Palm and his team are ready and passionate about helping the trucking community, but the organization is so new, they need the necessary funds to get started.

He said that with the support of just ONE corporate sponsor, he and his team, including a travel agency on stand-by, could start helping truckers and their families in crisis today, right now.

If you’re  looking to reach out and help the trucking community in a meaningful, inpactful way, make your donation today (they also accept asset donations), or get the word out to your employer that there’s a worthy cause needing support.

To find out more information, visit their website or FaceBook page.  If you have questions, partnership requests or want to volunteer, call Robert Palm at (505) 288-2282.


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