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10 Commandments of Trucking


These days it seems that a lot of people lack common sense.  We hear from drivers all the time who are complaining about other drivers’ bad behavior.  We decided to provide a friendly reminder though our 10 commandments of trucking.

#1. Thou shalt back into a parking space. (But don’t do this.)

#2. Thou shalt not park at the fuel island and walk inside to get your food and drinks, go to the bathroom, take a shower or sit down and eat a meal.


#3. Thou shalt not leave piss bottles in the parking lot, at the fuel island or scattered around.

#4. Thou shalt not be an asshole on the CB and use it as your personal standup stage or soapbox.  CBs are to be used to help spread helpful information, such as traffic alerts, bear warnings, etc.

#5. Thou shalt drive a respectable speed through the truck stop parking lot.

#6. Thou shalt not rely on a car GPS for navigation.  Not only that, don’t blindly follow your GPS– It’s a tool and should be used in conjunction with your atlas.


#7. Thou shalt not flash high beams to indicate when it’s safe to make a lane change. We appreciate the gesture, but please just flash your lights, don’t use your high beams.  Unless you’re doing something fun, like this (even then…probably don’t).

#8. Thou shalt use flashers when backing up, especially at a truck stop.

#9. Thou shalt remember that no load is worth your life.  Don’t push your limits, if you’re tired, take a break. The same goes for weather, if it’s too bad shut it down.  No load is worth your life or someone else’s.


#10. Thou shalt love thy fellow trucker as thyself– After all, we’re all in this together.



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