10 Ways To Reduce Road Stress

Truck drivers work in one of the most dangerous and stressful industries. Regulations, ticking clocks, demanding dispatchers, rude shippers, traffic, DOT and parking shortages can cause a tremendous amount of stress, and stress is bad for your health.

Here are some tips to help reduce stress levels.

Turn up the tunes! Research shows that energetic, uplifting music can help lighten your mood.

-Meditate or listen to meditation music or soothing sounds.

Practice deep breathing. Taking deep breaths helps reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) levels.

-Try aromatherapy.  Many scents have been shown to help reduce stress, such as rose, lavender, chamomile, and vanilla.

Grab a cup of tea.  Black tea helps your body keep cortisol levels in check.

-Chew a stick of gum.  Chewing gum helps fight stress and anxiety.

-Go for a quick walk.

-Turn on an audiobook and listen to a great book!

-Get out of your truck and stretch.

Snack on foods that help combat cortisol. Grab some guac, cherry tomatoes, or beets.











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